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  • Quality Over Quantity
  • Free Local Delivery
  • No Upfront Core Charges
  • Torque Converters & Electronics Included
  • Multiple Warranty Options

H&A Transmissions, Inc. is a leading provider of quality remanufactured transmissions for Honda and Acura automobiles. We have been supplying dealerships, extended warranty companies and independent repair facilities across the nation for over 25 years. 

Our build process is second to none. Each Transmission undergoes a series of cleaning and inspection points to ensure that each component meets the criteria for build.

All components deemed defective or damaged are replaced with either new or good used OE/OE compatible components. All soft parts are 100% new. Every Honda and Acura transmission is built from start to finish as a whole unit independent from all others.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and tech support team are ready to assist you. We have units in stock in nationwide warehouses or we can build a unit for same/next day shipping or delivery. 

Call us toll free at 1-866-4-A-TRANS for more information.

Honda cvt specialists

H&A Transmissions, Inc. is proud to offer Honda and Acura remanufactured CVT units with the same great quality you've come to expect!

The h&a process

Not all remans are created equal. H&A has perfected it’s process of maintaining the highest quality Honda and Acura transmission builds for more than 25 years with a commitment to focusing on quality over quantity.

  • Every Transmission receives brand new seals, o-rings, gaskets, sealing rings, filters, clutch discs, pressure switches and sprags where applicable.
  • All cases that require repair are sent to our state-of-the-art in house machine shop.
  • Electronics are cleaned, polished and baseline tested for functionality.
  • All of our Builders have been trained to adhere to H&A’s strict guidelines and routinely audited.
  • We proudly maintain an industry low comeback ratio

Nationwide Warranty Protection

H&A proudly stands behind the quality of our Honda and Acura Transmission builds with one of the strongest warranties in the industry. We offer multiple Tier levels so you can be sure you’re purchasing the warranty that fits your needs or that of your customer. 

tIer 1 - parts only

This option covers a replacement Transmission and cost of shipping to the repair facility, including core return. Labor, towing and car rental are not covered under this warranty tier.

Tier 2 - parts & labor

  • Labor – covers up to $65 per hour
  • Car Rental – up to 3 days/$35 daily
  • Towing – up to $100

tier 3 - parts & labor

  • Labor – covers up to $95 per hour
  • Car Rental – up to 5 days/$35 daily
  • Towing – up to $100

tier 4 - parts & labor

  • Labor – covers up to $125 per hour
  • Car Rental – up to 7 days/$35 daily
  • Towing – up to $100

tier 5 - parts & labor

  • Labor – covers up to $150 per hour
  • Car Rental – up to 10 days/$35 daily
  • Towing – up to $100

Limited Lifetime warranty

Available for select models only. Please contact us for more information regarding lifetime warranty coverage.



Installer locator maP

Find a trusted install facility.

You know you want a quality Honda or Acura remanufactured transmission, now you need a quality installer to work on your vehicle and get you back on the road.

We work closely with install shops that offer the best service for their customers, use our Installer Locator Map to find a reputable shop near you and tell them you want an H&A Transmission.

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The h&a team


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Fred Valles

Production Manager

Richard Silva

Parts Manager

Gil Dickason

President, CEO

Carol Sprague

HR Manager

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Barbara McKinney

VP of Sales, CFO

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Product Development

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Gearspeed Manager

Why should you use an H&A Remanufactured Honda/Acura Transmission?

Our Mission at H&A Transmissions, Inc.

is to establish our company as the leader in our field through hard work founded upon quality of both product and service.

We have diligently worked to provide our customers consisting of dealers, independent repair specialists, as well as the transmission repair shops and chains with the finest remanufactured transmissions that are available in today’s marketplace.

We are constantly striving to establish our company as a standard to which all others in our field are measured against. We know that this is a bold statement, however, without bold thinking and specific goals, we would be just another transmission company.

We are a team of trained professionals that take pride in our work and will not substitute quantity for quality.

Pull out

Least cost, highest risk. A pull out transmission comes from a damaged vehicle and installed directly into your vehicle as is without any inspection or repair.


A rebuilt transmission is a cheaper alternative to a remanufactured unit. It will most likely not be built to the same standards and care as a remanufactured unit.

Your transmission repair options


Remanufactured transmissions will typically be completely cleaned and inspected with bad parts being replaced for new or good used. Built in a controlled environment with more care and attention.

H&A Reman

NOT ALL REMANS ARE CREATED EQUAL! At H&A, we focus on Honda and Acura Transmissions, all day everyday. Building thousands of units every year, we have redifined and perfected the process with a focus on quality.


Most frequent questions and answers

No. The torque converter and drums will be primed with fluid, but you will be responsible for filling the transmission with approved fluid. We do offer a great value on fluid during your purchase.

Almost! Our remanufactured transmissions include torque converters, electronics, cooler lines, brackets, etc. There will be a select few parts that will need to be transferred, such as speed sensors and dipstick tubes.

Every H&A Transmission sold for Vans or SUVs is supplied with an external cooler at no charge. These are vital and have been proven to extend longevity of the transmission. You are required to install the cooler and should assume an extra 1 hour of labor.

No. To maintain our quality, H&A only focuses on Honda and Acura remanufactured transmissions. We do however offer options for any other transmission through our sister company, Gearspeed.

No. H&A Transmissions is a wholesale only company. If you want to make sure you get the best transmission for your Honda or Acura, you can tell your trusted mechanic you want an H&A Transmission in your vehicle! If you need assistance finding a trusted installer, use our locator map. 

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